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Hundepension Kufner-Palm

All services for "Man's Best Friend".
We'll take care of  your dog, we'll bathe it, we'll give him a haircut, we'll
house all kinds of dogs, right here in Bavaria, just south of Munich.
Whenever you have to be out of town, we'll take care of your pet. 
Our kennel has been in operation close to 40 years and offers a healthy stay
amidst a wooded area far from traffic, and yet it is only a half-hour's drive
from the center of  Munich.  We'll put up your dog in suitable groups,
put together according to size, age, and  temperament.
Our in-door kennel is equipped with central heating, but if you wish your dog
will be kept in our open-air kennels. Our wooded fenced-in area offers room
to roam, even "jumping and climbing  artists" can be accomodated.
Our dog food is freshly prepared on a daily basis, but  if you wish we'll feed
your dog the food which you bring with you.  We'll accomodate special wishes,
diet food, or medical requirements.  Veterinary supervision, day and night,
is provided by the animal clinics in the vicinity, and we'll be glad to
cooperate with your veterinary.  We can also put you in touch with an 'animal taxi'.  Bathing and hair-cutting can be done while your  dog is our guest. 
If there is something  that you want to know about us, please call us and make an appointment to look us over to see for yourself.   We are sure that we can count on your  understanding when we repeat that our  primary objective is to take care of the dogs, in other words: please be  patient if we can't answer your e-mail right away.  We'll send you an answer  as soon  as we can.
It stands to reason that adequate vaccinations are a requirement where many
animals come together.  Thus we request that all dogs must be vaccinated against
rabies, distemper, hepatitis, leptospirosis, and parvovirosis.  Additionally we
recommend a vaccination against kennelcogh.  Please talk to your vet in time: he
will advise you what's best for your pet.
When you bring your dog you need to prove by means of a valid vaccination
document that your pet has been properly vaccinated, otherwise we can not
accept your dog in the interest of all our canine guests .

We strongly advise you to preregister during the periods when Bavarian
schools go on vacation.  It might be the best idea if you make your reservation
with us as soon as your vacation plans have been finalized.

And this is how you find us:
Use the exit OBERHACHING on the Autobahn BAB 993, then follow the signs
towards Dietramszell, Oberbiberg.  After about 5 km take a right to
KREUZPULLACH, pass through the village, down to the Gleissenvalley and
back up to OEDENPULLACH.  Take a sharp right as you enter this village and
after about 1 km, at the edge of the woods, take a left on Ziegelstadlweg to
Hundepension Palm.
You will find our signs all along the way. GPS: Oberhaching Ziegelstadlweg

Important Information

The Sueddeutsche Zeitung and the Regional Office at Starnberg report that
 there are more and more cases of canine poisoning.  The cause seems to be
 shredded rizinus (contains highly poisonous rizin) which is being mixed in
 with normal garden fertilizer.  The authorities advise that you get your dog
 to a vet in a hurry if you observe the following symptoms: vomiting, bloody
 diarrhea, spasms or confusion.

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